Soulmate Synastry

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As a soul on this path I, presumably, will have experienced a number of Soul Mate/ Soul Family relationships throughout my life. I have much cause to believe I have and as an amateur astrologer I have made a study of the synastries of these most profound and important relationships in order to identify aspect markers and trends that apply. There were some very obvious trends which stood out instantly among the set.

The predominant constant in my closest soul mate synastries is reciprocal harmonious aspect configurations.  An aspect configuration is a pattern or shape visually created by the joining and crossing of aspect lines in a zodiac chart and a reciprocal aspect configuration is one that is visible in the interaspect synastry chart. Aspect configurations can be made up of harmonious (trines and sextiles) or tense aspects (squares and oppositions) fully reciprocal shapes often require conjunctions to exist at corner points as well. The  commonly recognised  harmonious aspect configurations are: The Grand Trine , The Mystic Rectangle, The Cradle and the Grand Sextile. The astrological principle which underlies the significance of these configurations in Synastry is that the harmonious modes of interaction between the natives form a regenerative loop which, particularly when closed (as in the case of the Grand Trine or Mysric Rectangle) work to form a kind of relational “sanctuary” that provides comfort and protection to both parties.

The Grand Trine is the configuration I have found most consistently in the Synastries of my most inspiring and soul stirring relationships. An example of a Grand Trine I share with a close soul mate is shown below:



The Grand Trine configuration is the large blue triangle with corners at my Mars in Pisces, his Neptune in Scorpio and our Saturn Mars Conjunction at my Immum Coeli in Cancer.

We can use the planets, houses, element and points involved in the configuration to determine the nature of our sustaining relatability with considerable accuracy.

First we determine that the element in harmony between us is water. The water element of the zodiac governs the emotions and the deep psyche, it is the spiritual element of the zodiac and its ruling planets/luminaries are Neptune, Pluto and the Moon. From the ruling element we can determine that this harmony between us is emotional, lending to spiritual.  This is an entirely accurate assessment, we are deeply compatible on an emotional level and can spend hours to weeks joyfully in each other’s company. Neptune is the ruling planet involved here, it is not in its home sign but instead in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto so this Neptune is imbued with a transformative influence. The transformative purpose is further indicated by the presence of my east point (vertex) in conjunction and his vertex, conjuncted by my Mars in Pisces. There is a real sense of mutual mirroring transformation on the emotional level between us, an undoubtedly Soul Mate aspect if ever one could be found.

The trine aspect between Neptune (the idealist) and Mars (the tough go-getter) underlines an admiration by the Neptune person for the strength and will of the Mars person. This feeds into a Mars Mars trine, suggestive of an harmonious alignment of energies and passions, and is completed by a Mars conjunct the Saturn which is trining the original Neptune.

A Saturn Mars conjunction can be a difficult aspect,. It starts off well with both “doers” of the Zodiac enthusiastically meeting and pursuing, what seems to be, their perfect compliment but this turns for hardship when the incompatibility of the elements starts to sink in over time. Firey Mars running hot gets to struggling with the chilly composure of Earthy Saturn, modes of interaction associated with this aspect can turn frustrating and, in some cases, even violent. A harmonious channel of interaction can prevent such a breakdown, however, which is demonstrably true in our case with the Neptune trine to Saturn punctuating a mutually mature and unconditionally forgiving dynamic between us.

So you might wonder, with all this destiny, passion, spirituality, emotion and longevity packed into a relationship sanctuary between us two – is this guy my twin flame?

Actually, no.. this person is one of my dearest and most trusted friends of more than two decades and a member of my extended family through marriage (since after we met). He is also most definitely and undeniably a soul mate whose presence in my life has been instrumental to my soul development and resolution of karmic bonds. We share a mutually recognised psychic and empathic connection and know, unequivocally, that our friendship is lifelong and ever dependable.

The reciprocal Grand Trine is very characteristic of my relationships with lifelong Soul Mates and worth looking for in important synastries. Non reciprocal grand trines can be indicative of similar feelings for the native whose trine is ‘completed’, these will present in a synastry chart as two sides of the triangle with the third missing. One of the two will most likely have a trine in their natal chart which fits perfectly to the missing leg of the triangle, this is the person who feels ‘completed’ by the relationship and such feelings can predict a close and happy bond.

I do have a reciprocal grand trine with my Twin Flame, it involves some different planets to the one above and turns to a kite through aspects to the midheaven. I am yet to identify a synastric Grand Trine, in my soul group, which does not perfectly describe the heart of our mutual affection for each other. Once a synastric grand trine is activated through interaction on the psychological, emotional and physical levels indicated by the participating luminaries, a perpetual cycle of good feeling is set in motion which can be nigh impossible to halt. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to quit a relationship built on such a comfortable foundation and so the reputation of a Grand Trine in synastry for marking lifelong loves and friendships seems veritably logical. As a reliable indicator of a lasting deep bond between two souls, the reciprocal grand trine is my number one.




5 thoughts on “Soulmate Synastry

  1. I love hearing about soul mate connections! It has only been 4 months, but I believe I have found my soul mate. I felt the connection during our first kiss on our first date, and wow the passion is strong since then.

    Our synastry charts form a Grand Sextile of Water/Earth.

    I don’t know his time of birth yet, so I’m sure this list would be longer, but for now this is the list showing how his chart aspects my chart in synastry:

    Sun opposite Moon
    Sun trine Mercury
    Sun trine Mars
    Sun trine Saturn
    Mercury trine Sun
    Mercury sextile Neptune
    Mercury trine Pluto
    Moon trine Sun
    Moon sextile Neptune
    Moon trine Pluto
    Venus trine Mercury
    Venus trine Mars
    Venus sextile Venus
    Mars trine Moon
    Mars trine Venus
    Mars opposite Mars
    Mars opposite Mercury
    South Node conjunct Mars
    North and South Nodes square Neptune
    Saturn opposite Jupiter
    Saturn trine South Node
    Saturn sextile North Node
    Neptune sextile Sun
    Neptune sextile Pluto

    Sun and Venus overlay 1st house.
    Psyche conjunct North Node
    Saturn conjunct IC

    Wanted to share this with everyone.


  2. Hi I don’t mean to be rude but I have a question? In order for the grand trine to be complete, should the last vertex point in the triangle connect the triangle together since a triangle has three vertices?


  3. How very odd and serendipitous. You posted this on September 4th.The person who I like and who has a high synastry and composite compatibility with me was born on… September 4th. Also, tomorrow is September 4th/his birthday. How funny.


  4. I found this page looking for information on conjuct grand trines. We both have grand trines in our charts, and they are tightly conjunct at all three points! Mine is Moon/Venus/Saturn in 4/8/12; his is Mars/Venus-Mercury/Chiron in 2/6/10. We also have a grand trine in our composite chart: Ascendant, Jupiter (in 9th conjunct MH), and Sun-Venus-Neptune conjunction in the 5th. Any insight into that would be most appreciated.

    I also have a yod in my chart, and I have another longtime friend with a yod in his, conjunct all three points of mine.


    • Hi Charlie, that is a pretty amazing connection between your charts. When lots of planets join a formation I like to think of it as a party. I personally can’t recall seeing two charts with individual grand trines occupying the same points, however, I have often seen triple/quadruple synastry conjunctions at grand trine apexes and my experience is that it reflects a greater number of relationship aspects that groove into the good feeling. So you can connect easily on multiple levels (eg work and train and live together)

      Individual grand trines, the ones in your natal charts, reflect an inner strength and consistency. The trine element that you share will be key to understanding what that inner strength is and how you both share it in the spectacular way usually characterstic of a grand trine. For a random, example, if it is a fire element then you may both find yourself at home in a pyrotechnics lab.

      Thanks for sharing your unique story 🙂


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