Trying to write this story I am reminded of another. In the moment that I remembered I felt all that I knew; feelings and reflections in this lifetime recalled, no stranger, even to “me”.

So I remembered I knew him since forever and, at that, simultaneously reacted to new knowledge of what had happened since last we were aware of each other. My soul, *I* was furious, I could feel the heat in my countenance rising. This was beyond me, yet, I thought, as I know but I do not know what it is I am angry for. His life revealed mistreatment and pain so inside me she raged at this. He asked ” Who are you to me?”  The juror repeated “Who are you to this person?” From the depths my voice was stern and metered as it spoke – I AM YOUR KEEPER.



6 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. I love hearing about soul mate connections! It has only been 4 months, but I believe I have found my soul mate. I felt the connection during our first kiss on our first date, and wow the passion is strong since then.

    Our synastry charts form a Grand Sextile of Water/Earth.

    I don’t know his time of birth yet, so I’m sure this list would be longer, but for now this is the list showing how his chart aspects my chart in synastry:

    Sun opposite Moon
    Sun trine Mercury
    Sun trine Mars
    Sun trine Saturn
    Mercury trine Sun
    Mercury sextile Neptune
    Mercury trine Pluto
    Moon trine Sun
    Moon sextile Neptune
    Moon trine Pluto
    Venus trine Mercury
    Venus trine Mars
    Venus sextile Venus
    Mars trine Moon
    Mars trine Venus
    Mars opposite Mars
    Mars opposite Mercury
    South Node conjunct Mars
    North and South Nodes square Neptune
    Saturn opposite Jupiter
    Saturn trine South Node
    Saturn sextile North Node
    Neptune sextile Sun
    Neptune sextile Pluto

    Sun and Venus overlay 1st house.
    Psyche conjunct North Node
    Saturn conjunct IC

    Wanted to share this with everyone.


  2. Hi I don’t mean to be rude but I have a question? In order for the grand trine to be complete, should the last vertex point in the triangle connect the triangle together since a triangle has three vertices?


  3. How very odd and serendipitous. You posted this on September 4th.The person who I like and who has a high synastry and composite compatibility with me was born on… September 4th. Also, tomorrow is September 4th/his birthday. How funny.


  4. I found this page looking for information on conjuct grand trines. We both have grand trines in our charts, and they are tightly conjunct at all three points! Mine is Moon/Venus/Saturn in 4/8/12; his is Mars/Venus-Mercury/Chiron in 2/6/10. We also have a grand trine in our composite chart: Ascendant, Jupiter (in 9th conjunct MH), and Sun-Venus-Neptune conjunction in the 5th. Any insight into that would be most appreciated.

    I also have a yod in my chart, and I have another longtime friend with a yod in his, conjunct all three points of mine.


    • Hi Charlie, that is a pretty amazing connection between your charts. When lots of planets join a formation I like to think of it as a party. I personally can’t recall seeing two charts with individual grand trines occupying the same points, however, I have often seen triple/quadruple synastry conjunctions at grand trine apexes and my experience is that it reflects a greater number of relationship aspects that groove into the good feeling. So you can connect easily on multiple levels (eg work and train and live together)

      Individual grand trines, the ones in your natal charts, reflect an inner strength and consistency. The trine element that you share will be key to understanding what that inner strength is and how you both share it in the spectacular way usually characterstic of a grand trine. For a random, example, if it is a fire element then you may both find yourself at home in a pyrotechnics lab.

      Thanks for sharing your unique story 🙂


  5. Hi, think i found my twinflame. We have water Grand Trine, Venus 11° Pisces, MC 9° Cancer and Pluto 12° Scorpio with Neptune in 9° Capricorn to make a Kite. T-Square Neptune 9° Capricorn, Ascendant 13° Libra MC 9°Cancer. T -Square Ascendant 13° Libra Neptune 9° Capricorn Moon 16° Aries. Yod Sun 17 Virgo, Chiron 18 Aquarius Moon 16 Aries. Yod Moon 16 Aries Pluto 12 Scorpio Sun 17 Virgo. Yod Uranus 28 Sagittarius Jupiter 28 Taurus Mars 28 Cancer. CRADLE Sun 17 Virgo Venus 11 Pisces Neptune 9 Capricorn Pluto 12 Scorpio. What you guys think?


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