Soulmate Synastry pt II


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In part one of this series of posts I talked about having a number of special relationships which are evident in our synastry charts as reciprocal grand trine configurations. I have decided to share some images of these synastry charts here. One of these is my Twin Flame, one is my ex-husband, two are family and another is a new acquaintance with whom I share a very spiritual connection… you’re welcome to make a guess which is which 😉 :








2 thoughts on “Soulmate Synastry pt II

  1. In order for a grand trine to be complete, shouldn’t the third vertex point of the triangle connect the triangle together? In some of the charts you have posted in this blog and your last blog, the grand trines are not fully completed because of the last vertex point of the triangle. In your past or current relationships with the people that you have used the birth info in the charts posted, did one person put more effort into the relationship with the other? I’m so sorry if you feel uncomfortable by the question. Please don’t answer if you don’t feel comfortable. I don’t mean to pry.


    • Hi Kayla,
      Not at all, and sorry to be so tardy getting back to you. Essentially, the way I understand it, if the conjunction is within valid parameters then the vertex is connected and the grand trine is complete, however, as you suggest, a wide conjunction does suggest a difference in the energy between the pair, as opposed to a more perfect one. This could perhaps be present as an uneven effort but that probably depends more on the planets conjuncting than on their separation distance.
      There is definitely relationships in that mix where one person made more effort than the other, though I would, personally, doubt the cause of that to be separation distance in a grand trine conjunction vertex as I kind of see the grand trine energy between two people as representing the part of their relating which comes most easily and without effort anyway.
      For an example, there was a definite imbalance in the relationship with the person whose sun is in Virgo wherein I gave much more effort than he. The likely reflection of this, though, is in the Square from his Neptune to my Mars, whilst his enjoys an easy sextile to my Saturn. Action from me, then, might frequent being ill-received, whilst for him the path to being taken seriously is paved more smoothly.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Wishing you the best 🙂


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