The Chemical Wedding

To me you are all the contents of my ego, poured out on the surface contours of the looking glass. You are in your world and I in mine. There are some of us for whom the glass is thinner, or the ego construct is more likeness and thus, comfortable. Our neighbourly egos and worlds are soul comfort. We are mates of a sort.

Like egos are sincere companions, the ease is matched effort, the worlds may be far apart but the projection is harmonic.

Near worlds are not necessarily harmonic but there is gravity. A primal and infinite force which draws the two egos together into combined experience. Like satellites to planets these two will orbit each other, subtle cyclic forces will draw on the surface of one or the other, or even both worlds. These are Karmic and contract soul mates. Often it could be supposed that one ego is of a lesser magnitude or “weight” than the other. The lighter world will orbit the gravity well of the heavier. And, since each sees only the projection of their ego, as the gravity of the moon reshapes the surface of the earth through tidal movements so does the lighter ego reshape the image of itself on the greater egos reflection in the glass. The gravitational pull and closeness of worlds convinces the ego that the two may touch so the lesser ego reaches out and out with itself in an endless effort to touch that which can never truly be realised. For our worlds come from inside and it is only inside that we truly find anyone in our world.

The myth of the Sun and the Moon. Two lovers, separated into worlds which cannot meet. One in day and one in night, eternally chasing each other in an endless dance of hope.

The light of the moon is the light of the Sun. The moon, held in earths gravity shines her light on the earth, with her body she moves the surface of the earth like our ego moves upon the surface of the looking glass. Sadness is written on her face as she fades renews and tries again to touch her beloved in her reflection. He burns hot, determinedly, persistently projecting himself on everything, looking for her. He looks everywhere with every fibre of his being. She looks hard and long and deep until she is exhausted trying to make him appear from his hiding place.

One day nothing stands in their way and they come face to face. She is warmed by his touch and shines more brightly than ever. She becomes full and makes to run into his waiting arms. Then darkness falls and she is alone again.

Her sadness aches, his touch is gone taking her hope with it. In her silence she reflects. In time she becomes aware that her light, is his light! All this time she thought he was gone he was there! On her skin, in her world!  He is a part of her and she will never be alone again.