Twin Flame Healing and Separation Cycle – Why?

I don’t know about you but contact with twin, for me, is incredibly healing. I was given, by Higher Self guidance, to understand that the Twin Flame pair comprises the entirety of source, as a union, resulting in the two “filling each other up” with unlimited energy when in contact. I only experience this “filling up” phenom with the Flame. In other soul connections I am acutely aware of there being limited “energy” to exchange; with Twin, though, one hug and we’re good for another year, just about. That is how the healing has manifested for me.

The feeling of unlimited energy may, for some people, underlie the sense of attachment to having one’s Twin Flame close. Especially those whose traumas are deep, many and difficult to manage. Because our nervous system uses energy directly to keep itself in check under stress, a natural source of that, like closeness, would be a scary thing to lose.

That all said, the thing about this source tap for Twin Flames is that it is only with limited perceptible energy available that the gradient can go both ways. That is, we can feel loss and dissipation of energy, which drives change and generates “new” life in us, only if the available energy is perceptibly limited. With unlimited source tapping, however, as is the case for Twin Flame connection, the gradient only goes one way. Up.

An “up energy gradient” feeds what is, and that’s all it does.
This is why, in the runner/chaser separation cycles, coming together brings everything “up” (and up and up until it explodes and pushes you both back into separation). There is no escaping that a one way gradient can only enhance what already exists. If we come together broken, the broken gets enhanced by the dynamic very quickly. When we ultimately, potentially, come together reborn and ready for mission, then that is what will be enhanced. Until we are ready, though, we need the energy to cycle through all levels so it can catalyse the change into our readiness.

So, even though instantaneous healing energy comes from contact with our source tap energy, it cannot facilitate the permanent resolution of our trauma blockages as those require perceptible change in our energy level to unblock. In other words, being with Twin Flame for long periods unhealed can perpetuate emotional pain by feeding it. Imagine source energy is pouring into your sadness, like the sun to a flower, and growing it. Separation seems like a better alternative, doesn’t it?  I do feel it would be rare for Twin Flames to successfully stay together unhealed as the connection naturally deals with this imbalance quite well, but in the exceptional case it would be better to know more about how separation is a healthy part of the process that we do well to embrace.


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