What is the difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

In the geometry of the soul, source is an original disturbance. This disturbance resonates across the entire universe. Light (cyclic energy) is the lateral, peripheral branch of the disturbance, simply a drawn distance proportion to relational points on the field expanding its internal dimensions.

In mathematical terms this is a multipole expansion of a point source, the first expansion, the dipole expansion, are the twin flames. Counter to what you may intuit here, further expansions of the cyclic, transverse wave form do not define Soul Mate energy. Multipole expansion of source is a property common to your whole [reflected] universe; Twin Flames split up, not into more people groups but, into everything and the singular embodiment of everything, the whole and source, is the Twin Flame. There is no other like this. Soul mate energy, on the other hand, is described by vibrational match, or harmony.

Vibrational match, or harmony means this:

  • on the transverse axis of the soul your Soul Mate’s wavelength “constructively interferes” with yours in that energy centre
  • on the longitudinal axis the structure of the energy location is a resonant cavity for your Soul Mate’s vibration.

We each carry signatures of the original disturbance, generally we think of these as our frequencies. Each of our energy centres has a uniquely personal frequency. Over a range of angles, which are representative of these frequency bands, there are major angles and minor angles. The major angles, embodied, are people of a special vibrationary match or harmonic of one of our energy centres, these are Soul Mates.

Twin Flames will meet with matches to all their energy (chakra) centres in one way or another.
Some call that Soul Family, to me it is embodiment of critical angles in the geometry of our soul. Those angles are frequencies that give us major energy centre reactions when we come into contact with them and this is how we can have many soul mates of equally powerful connection.

In terms of our ability to discern the difference, as it accords with our experience, my best advice is to try to understand that the difference is not the most important thing for you to know, as a person experiencing Soul Connections. The most important thing to know is that both Twin Flame and /Primary Angle/ Soul Mate embodiments have crucial roles in the shaping of the new world. Both types of connections will actively contribute to the ascension in a unique way, Twin Flame energy will embody one part and, in integration, mass Soul Mate resonances will embody the other.


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