Twin Flames – The Dance

Welcome to the new paradigm.

If you have found this page, you’re meant to, that’s the universe we live in but it stops there. You’re meant to – Why you’re meant to, What the purpose, of it, is, for you, How you’re meant to receive it.. Those are other matters and not intimated at all by your, simply, being here reading this, in any way. And so it is from here that we begin.

The universe is energy, everything is formed by energy and of it. Luckily, energy has just the capacity to be, both, craftsman and craft like that. A jiggling proton can push things around, kinetically and thermodynamically, or, combined with its own polar tendency in orbit, can form masses and, ultimately, a material world.

We have, long, believed in a fundamental beingness which, simply, is the ability of energy to form itself and gaze upon its likeness. We call it many names but one of my favorite things we call it is the Soul.

Energy is simple. There is a source and the source signature propagates itself. That’s it.

We get to arguing about God when we try to determine that the source must require a complexity of its own and exercise some command over the ensuing propagation other than the fundamental “what it is” in essence. This is a fatal underestimation of the nature of energy. Below 500Thz needs exercise no control over any thing in order to prove itself red. It simply bounces around in cavities of frequency space and voila! Red! Think of energy this way and no source needs complexity of its own, the tiniest fragment of disturbance is enough, the merest will to be, to exist, is the beginning of everything.

And, so too, is the soul. We stumble on this concept trying to draw it from layers of complexity and ordinance when, really, as our modern science is daily proving, all it really needs to be is a drop, in an ocean of nothingness. The tiniest fleck of disturbance. Because, after that, it is energy, and from there, it can be anything. Anything at all.

The Mathematical analogue of a singular local disturbance is known as a monopole. A source monopole, as an energy signature, has features which determine the effects of its propagation over itself. That is to say the disturbance carries a momentum, this carries over multiple orthogonal plane dimensions. The momentum of the waves through the planes, colliding with each other, form the kind of resonance cavities that we observe when we shine light on red sized molecules, cavities which filter out a level of the whole disturbance source and make it something singularly identifiable. The basic function of this over 3 dimensions is easy to describe, thus:

From the centre of original disturbance there is the momentum along planes directly away from that centre, you can picture this in your mind as an expanding sphere, sliced into planes. Each plane of propagation in such a scenario is angular, relative to its neighbors so, in terms of its location in the whole, each plane has a lean (and if you picture it as a random line through a circle you can see the lean is up on one side of the circle and down on the other) that lean gives each plane a lateral moment, relative to its near neighbors, which propogates orthogonally away from the plane (a dipole tendency). So from a single, simple, disturbance, natural sets of planes, in two orthogonal dimensions, filled with energetic tendency, combining, crossing and overlapping each other. Two interacting planes equals three dimensions of reality, ergo, ladies and gents, from a drop of nothing in nothing, I give you a 3d universe.

But that wasn’t the point, entirely, was it? So the truth is this is, also, a soul. A soul is a universe. You are a universe. You, and one other beingness incorporating all the energetic tendencies that move polar to your identity. The everything that you are not. We’ve been calling that the Twin Flame. In reality, it is a fundamental principle of your existence. You exist because they exist, the flame and your universe. In truth, in energy, this is what makes existence possible; from nothing. Congratulations. You just found God.

I have long dreamed of being able to articulate these things. Many years of study and determination came to fruition gradually after the pivotal event in my life of meeting the other half of source disturbance that defines my existence. The one I call my Twin Flame. As you may discover by exploring this blog further, we fell quite hard for each other at the start, pulled together by fate, and pushed apart just as suddenly. It would seem, perhaps, that we had failed, there, in our destiny. It would seem as though being together, for two so vital to each other, was the highest imperative and, yet, we could not. The higher self of guidance, the God within, gladly claimed responsibility for this debacle, indeed even, one night, firmly standing between us in an Astral vision with a hand on each of our chests saying “See, you both want it equally but stop fighting this. I am doing this to you both for a reason.”

I guess that was the day I embraced the dance.

To be continued…



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