Twin Flames – The Dance PtII

Twin Flame reunion. It has a nice ring to it, right? Rumoured to be the discovery of the most *true* love that you will ever experience and coveted as the most idyllic and wonderful relationship you’re ever going to have.

But let’s stop there and reclaim the facts, shall we?

Reality check. You are not likely to have much of a ‘relationship’ with your Twin Flame at all. All the Twin Flames know it. One day you meet that WOW! Perfect soul mate. The first time you have ever experienced this feeling of pinnacle connection. Angels are literally singing in your ear. You can feel your hearts share love from a distance. The passion is tremendous, you can drown in the sound of their voice. You’re Awake, suddenly so creative, so ignited and so so soooo in love. And you know they feel it too. Awww! Aaaaaand gone… they’re gone. Wait! What? They’re gone? Why? How? That wasn’t supposed to happen! This was destiny. Absolutely everything confirmed that this was our destiny and then… No? This is the familiar story of all Twin Flames. I know many will hope to avert this with ‘spiritual maturity’ or ‘Pre-cleared Karma’ but that’s a ruse. Twin Flame is about the Dance, not the relationship. It’s about your soul purpose, not your coupledom. And it’s about time that everybody knew.

Shortly after this shocking and, apparently, premature end to your great Love Story, in most cases, is when you find out you’re a Twin Flame.  But what, exactly, are you supposed to do with that knowledge? For the most of us it comes as a comforting reassurance of the thing that we know deep down. That this wasn’t just the ‘fly by night’ it seems to have turned into. There *is* a ‘relationship’ in the offing, somewhere down the track. We just gotta do the work. The karmic work, the shadow work, the mission work, the soul extraction, the surrender, the radiance… (the list goes on) to get ourselves to union. Then it will all be fine. Right? Relationship heaven, here we come!!

Hands up who has been ‘doing the work’ for years, surrendering daily, acting in selfless service, studying, clearing, creating, manifesting, divining and scrying, attending seminars and self help workshops… (insert another long list here) all the while wondering when this damnable “union” is gonna happen. I bet that’s a *lot* of hands, right now.’

Now, I’m not going to tell you to stop doing this. As far as I can understand, it is the right message; Twin Flame is kind of a job, right here and now, on the planet and if you’re working hard toward understanding yourself and your mission you are on the right track, I’m sure. The Dance is not an alternative to The Work. It’s not a different way of being for Twin Flames as opposed to what we already do but, rather, a more concise elucidation of *how* we do, what we are already doing, with a little side of *why*.

Most Twin Flames describe their experience as a rollercoaster. The Dance is why this feels that way. The Dance is a crash course tour of the critical angles in the Geometry of your Soul, an introduction to your true and Godly self, through connection, reflection and synchronicity. The Dance is, of course, not really for the faint of heart. If there is something (someone) inside you that you are afraid to face, guess who is coming to dinner? No Twin Flame will successfully inscribe the dance by skirting any inner demon. That just *is* so be aware. And read on if you dare 😉

In the inner polarity expansion of that original source disturbance, which is you, at the dipole expansion (you and twin flame) there is already a universe. However, the energy does further expand into more and more complex dimensions, making possible the universe of other humans and variables that we now see. It is not critical to understand that all of this perception is really a reflection of the original energy. The universe will prove that to you just being itself, but it is worth a mention here before I go on, for reasons which will be, later, apparent.

As the expansion into higher dimensions of interaction occurs, certain patterns begin to stabilize in the matrix. You can picture these like the borderlines of a mandala symbol, or a spirogram, as they arise from essentially the same principle. While the energy interacts, crosses and overlaps itself, certain paths, within, tend to be taken more than others. There is a symmetry to these paths and they are the borders of dynamic being for this expanding disturbance. We can use mathematical terms to describe these paths as the critical angles of the soul geometry. These are the beginnings and endings of divisions within the soul and the containers of individual /types/ (or values) of energy that a soul can express. This concept, however it may sound, is not new. It has actually been advised and explored for centuries of human civilization and is more commonly known as the Chakra Energy Centres.

Each Chakra Energy Centre, as you commonly know them, is an analogue of a critical angle in the geometry of your soul being. These angles can actually be used to describe inner polarities of the Self, for example ones masculine vs ones feminine expression can be encapsulated in the description of varying Chakra energies. Further main self polarities that are relevant here are the light vs shadow self and the dream vs waking conscious self. All of these polarities can be described as acting from one vs another Chakra level.

Usually, we line these energy levels up along the centre of our body, however, in Soul Geometry they are more accurately represented as opposing and complimentary angles of a circular (cyclic) whole and, from this, their polar nature is more naturally apparent. Each polar pair is are the extremities of an individual dimension in the soul expansion and, through the dance the Twin Flame pair find themselves, in turn, embodying those extremities in their universe. Each point of embodiment (which feels like reaching the top of a big slope on the rollercoaster) calls up the pure signature of, one aspect of, their true Divine identity in to each of their individual experiences. One by one, turn by turn each of the Twin Flames will encounter connections at the end of little synchronicity ‘rainbows’. Each connection will awaken and resonate purely with a different Energy centre of your being. One will make your heart explode, others will speak to your mind in ways you never dreamed possible, another will awaken a sexuality within you that cannot be measured (wait for it, it’s actually later in the flow than you think), and yet another will bring to life, for the first real time ever, the people your child self always wished to be among, your ‘soul family’ community. All of this will happen in the dance, all this and more. I know at least a few Twin Flames who have already experienced many of these steps, and now many more will also.

To be concluded…


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