Alchymi of The Senses 101

When my Kundaluni rose I felt my heart bleeding. (circa. 1994)

I dreamed last night that I wed a man very rashly, it had happened in the past and I was looking back on it. I had not had a ceremony, nor flowers, nor a gown and guests. I had squandered my nuptial day and given away my glory. I had told myself the husband was the true prize and that no other luxury could be necessary were it right. I also wondered if I had been a fool.

Further in the dream I saw two men weep as they put down their paper news. I read it, WW3 Had been declared. The paper wrote “ was predicted, the date was May 21”. This date had passed. I was surprised because I had not heard it. I checked the Newspaper title. It was a reputable source that I follow.

I am walking, now, quite awake. Training back from a recent force injury to the outer ligaments of my right knee. Its very cloudy but it’s a warm and pleasant day. For that, I am grateful.