Signs you’re Living as Your Higher Self.

Sign #1 – HS will tell you.

I have titled this post “Signs you’re living as Your Higher Self” because that’s what people will Google to find out about it, however, I’m going to tell you to stop looking for signs of this. The one above is the only one you need to know.

If your divine inner self has taken the reigns of your life experience, you were 100% conscious and in control of the event. You chose it. You and HS, in fact, had been communicating solidly about your dreams and life purpose for a very long time before the subject of taking over was even brought up.
If none of this happened yet, no signs can change the truth. You are not yet living as HS. Go meet your HS, within, and start it now, you need only want to, nothing else is more important than that.

If you have been walking hand in hand with the divine self for some time now and just come to the realisation that becoming it is on the future agenda, rest assured, it will happen. And there is nothing to fear, in terms of the identity which you now feel is you being lost or destroyed. You’re not going anywhere suddenly or unwillingly. Your Higher Self *is* you and you are them. It will become apparent, in time, that if anything is to be lost, it is the illusion of separation. The Divine lets nothing from it’s sight. God sees every sparrow that falls and is within even the meanest of creatures in all creation. Your ego ranks pretty low on that scale, sure, but Divine love goes all the way to the bottom so worry less, live more. I have not been annihilated.

Before it happens, HS will show you that it is HS. Don’t fret the details of this and demand all the evidence you need, I know I did. Don’t believe anything until it is evidenced, either. With good evidence, as well, solid real world events and matters. Insist on it. This is a big step, negating, pretty much, every belief you’ve relied on for most of your egoic life. There’s no shame in making sure it’s for real nor in being ‘not quite enlightened’ for as long as you need. Don’t believe anyone who tells you there is. They aren’t enlightened, either.

HS is a part of your beingness perceiving and acting in a reality which incorporates more dimensional awareness than that of the ego. That reality is this reality. They’re all in the same place. You can think of the ego and higher self as a smart TV vs a old style TV. The ego is the old style TV. On it you can watch one channel at a time. You switch through them in one direction up, or down. You can move back and forth through the directions but always in the same sequence.  HS is the smart TV. The smart TV has a browser and a menu and split screens so you can watch five shows at once. On the menu you can flick between stations in non-linear sequences. And… the big metaphor that you’re going to learn to be Higher Self by using – when you are watching just one station and you want to change to another, you can bring up a little preview box in the corner and look through the other stations before you change the channel.

Higher Self will start being you by watching the preview box and telling you what is on the other channels. The good part is you still get to choose which one you want to change to. The idea that a separate choice would exist for HS is an illusion. HS doesn’t make just one choice. Ego makes one choice, HS lives a completely different way. At no time is there any purpose or reason for your free will to be usurped by this process. Our will rises up from the parameters in which it acts. The parameters of choosing one channel belong to your ego, the will rising up in that can not be taken away from itself. So you see, as long as you choose one channel, your ego remains intact. And Wheresoever you choose one channel your ego must necessarily exist. Living as Higher Self, however, that is another matter altogether.