What is 5D?

So you’ve probably heard the herald of the great shift into 5D in 2018. I’m just gonna go right ahead and be the party pooper that says yeah but we’re just going to be learning it next year and we are going to find ourselves pretty sh**house at it at first. Like teenage, it’s gonna look a bit like we know it all, suddenly, but in reality we are going to be veritable noobs with the freedom and increased probability densities. In short we’ll be effective as underwater flyscreens in it, really, but it will be here just the same. That’s my word on the matter and you have my permission to quote or paraphrase as you desire.

So what exactly *is* 5d then?

I’m going to give an explanation, which I have, here, that formulates from the concept of frequencies in brainwave activity. There are levels that we have identified in the activity of our brain waves as we move through different states of our consciousness. Two of these detectable frequency levels exist in our conscious waking state, the others arise in meditative to dream states.
As we move through the levels of consciousness, from “waking” to “dream” and “unconscious”, the frequency of the brainwave pattern *decreases* and toward 5d we are moving in the direction from waking to unconscious. Yeah I know… “but we’re moving into higher frequency!” right? Ummm… ok, higher means better or some shizzz, isn’t that how it works? Sorry, not sorry, if I irritate you with this but that use of “higher” is a symbolic conception of “better” and always has been. The science says that faster repetition and reinforcement of information characterises the level of most physical interaction. If we argued over whether we’re going to “higher” or “lower” frequencies by that definition it’d be moot cause I’m not talking about the same thing, so let’s not. Deal?

Aiight… so the alpha (waking) state is a high frequency state and, as I implied above, this suggests a more repetitious reinforcement of the information in consciousness. If you really think about it, that’s what a solid state energy level has to look like, surely? I mean, if there was greater lag between the wall being there and not being there then we’d be more likely to walk through it, not less, follow? So it makes sense.
Just below this is the Beta state, it’s a slightly more offset (slower) level of reinforcement of “what is” entering consciousness. We call it the subconscious. That’s gonna be where all the expanded probability (if this is an unfamiliar term to you just google “probabilistic multiverse”) turns up and here is why.

Probability has a characteristic known as “degrees of freedom”, the simple fact of probability is that more degrees of freedom equal more probabilities.
Now we know the universe we perceive is basically information coming at the consciousness. From there we add that every dot of information is a determination and more dots, it follows, equal more determination, ergo, less freedom. Frequency, in terms of energy, refers to the length of the cycle and in a basic energy wave the cycle is through two states, on and off. With a high frequency the cycle is short so in terms of the length of time that the information is in the “off” state we can say that it’s more fleeting an amount in higher frequencies than lower ones. When the information is in the off state we have the freedom to adjust consciousness in any direction toward surrounding probabilities. However, whilst this freedom is so fleeting, we’re unlikely to move very far from the present moment in doing so. And in that simple deduction we can suggest we know why reality looks so continuous in the waking state. On contrast, in the dream state the cycle stretches out to the point that “off gaps” can be relatively huge and we can suddenly change our location from the moon to Jupiter with the blink of an eye. That’s what you would expect to be true if anything I am saying here is accurate, and it is… so far so good.

The alpha state is not alone in being present in the awake mind. We also have activity in the Beta state while we walk around. For the most part we have come to see this as a receptacle of unprocessed memory and emotion. It is and has been exactly that but this is changing and has been changing for several years.

People who have undergone the recent large wave of spiritual awakening will pretty much universally attest to having experienced a painful stripping away of all their subconscious material over the period of their awakening. Funny how we seem to be making room for conscious activity in a brain state where there is more freedom right at the time we’re all getting channels and visuals and dream prophecies about new ways of using the brain to increase our freedom, ain’t it? Or providence, take your pick…

So in conclusion, then, “5D” as it is most widely known, is your conscious experience at the frequency of subconscious brain activity. At this frequency there are larger gaps between the reinforcement of the reality through sensed information. In these larger gaps the freedom to move from the initial moment to a larger set of probable next moments is increased making, simply, more things possible. But at first we won’t really be good at using that freedom, yet. We will just notice it is there.

In order to increase our ability to utilise this freedom we will need to develop an analogue of the thing we know as “ego”, a lens of interpretation, on the subconscious level. This is what we do not yet have, fully developed, at this time, however, those who experience soul connection have been in that process of development for a while already so it won’t be too long coming.


The Procession of the Numbers – Space and Time

First things first, there is no physical 3d. The physical universe is 2d and 3d is a reflective interaction between two plane surfaces (The Fermi Neighbourhood) we will all eventually use this fact to our advantage, but more on that later.

To define* anything real one needs to define three things. This is a philosophical predicate; engagement in any further cogitation, debate or discussion from the definition of any unitary object will assume the other two by default. This is always true. To define a person you necessarily assume things which are not people in that definition. If you do not assume this then “person” refers to everything and you have defined nothing at all unique. Further to that you must assume the substrate on which the existence of “person” is sensible. If you are not assuming a substrate for the existence of your things then you are defining something which you have never seen and will never see. Fine if you don’t care that your premise has doomed you to start from scratch at some point, but if you would prefer than not to be the case then you’ll need to define what you see as you see it. Things exist in a universe, not a void. We can’t even make an actual void with our most advanced technology, so why would we assume one around anything we see occurring naturally?
These three things necessary to predicate existence can be modelled like a number line where, rather than the sides of zero being at 180 degrees from each other in the sense of some linear arrangement defining a vacuum into which things disappear, the positive and negative axes are orthogonal and always defining the same plane space. This is more real, the linear number line is nonsense in respect to the real in which we are psychologically engaged. Nothing disappears. It changes location and transforms. That is all. If a monkey eats a banana is there now nothing in the banana’s location? The banana is in the monkey. It becomes the monkey. So, past zero is fundamentally and provably, on infinite levels, into another thing. Every. Single. Time.
And negative one banana is equivalently positive some bits of monkey.

So one can see, the space defining ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ is a plane.
To wit, this is the physical correspondence of Cartesian coordinates at its purest.

So on what axis does this plane rest? Of course it is time, and yet, we do not understand that well either. Again we define it as a line about a void into which things disappear. And this is harder because time does seem to disappear. Yet we know a future and a past, they are material on some level, they must be. We have scars and pain, we feel loss and distance, we hope above ourselves, we ride a wave of *something*, void seems so pointless to even contemplate, where’s the evidence of that? Nowhere.

Now allow me to further stir the contention about this “time” we call a dimension. It’s not a dimension. Yes you are entitled to demand my explanation for that, I’m challenging Einstein after all. 😛

Time is an angular momentum, a rate of change over light speed distances.
I model it like this. The semblance of all things in time are packets of information carried through light distances. The universe is constantly in motion, ergo, interaction between these packets of information occurs in parallel across the wavefronts of projected and reflected light.  If you define an interacting surface, in motion, across the wavefront of travelling light each increment from your initial location will intersect a later running packet of information than the previous one. This rate of change is definable relative to the light distance of your initial location. So to say, at your initial moment, the information which you intersect in the light has travelled a precise distance from its source. That distance tells you how old the information is, in the relative sense. Increment that intersection one step across from the initial point, in parallel to the wave front. At this point the information of the age at the initial moment is behind you and you are intersecting a packet that was “behind” the packet you intersected in the initial moment. The second moment information is younger than the first. Move across again and the same thing happens. The previous point is now behind you again and you’ve intersected a, yet, younger packet of information. The rate at which this changes, I propose to you, is the phenomenon of time.